A €500 Installation charge appies to all aquariums. The order will be processed on receipt of funds.

Minimum period of hire is 12 months.

The hire cost will be stated on the hire agreement and is payable monthly in advance by standing order with the first payment due on date of installation. Any changes in the cost of hiring the aquarium in future years shall be fixed by notice in writing.

The Aquarium will be serviced 8 or 12 times per year depending on maintenance package selected as required to maintain it in a healthy and visually appealing condition.

Aquariums come with a blue backround as standard. Company logos etc. are charged to the hirer.

The hirer is responsible for the aquarium on their premisis and is advised to include the aquarium on their insurance against any damage caused to it or by it due to breakage.

The aquarium remains the property of IASC Aquarium Hire. Only IASC Aquarium Hire is allowed carry out maintenance on the aquarium.