All of our aquariums are of industrial standard.

Included in the price are all fish, fish food, filters, charcoal, water treatments, parts replacements and full maintenance.

You will not maintain aquariums of this scale to our high standards any cheaper if you tried it yourself!

Below are details of our standard price plan options. With prices from less than the price of a daily newspaper, there is an aquarium for every space and budget. Please contact us to discuss which option would be best for you.

Goldfish & Tropical Mix Large Tropical
(African Cichlid)
Medium Aquarium
3" Aquarium Installation: €500
€ 90
per month
€ 100
per month
Large Aquarium
4" Aquarium 4" Aquarium Installation: €600
€ 110
per month
€ 120
per month
Extra Large Aquarium
3" Aquarium 4" Aquarium Installation: €950
€ 150
per month
€ 180
per month